Do you worry about how to pay off debt? Are you afraid you haven't saved enough money for retirement? Are your investments confusing? Do you wonder what type of insurance you should purchase? Are you in doubt about how to select a financial professional? Bottom line—Are you worried about your hard-earned money? If so, 52 Weeks to Prosperity: Ask Peggy Doviak is written for you!

52 Weeks to Prosperity

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52 Weeks to Prosperity is a book designed to help you prosper, and prosperity comes from understanding your financial situation and taking steps toward reaching your goals. In order to prosper, you have to understand the language of the world of finance, and 52 Things is your guide!

Q. Dear Peggy–My 401(k) plan invested my account in something called a Target Date Fund. What is it, and why did they do that?

A. In the past, if you didn’t make an investment choice in your retirement plan, the money stayed as cash or money market. However, this caused many individuals to have no growth in their accounts, leaving them unprepared for retirement. As a result, retirement plans now have default investment choices. These choices are blended investments deemed...


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