52 Weeks to Well-Being

Ask Peggy®
May 23, 2023

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When an unscrupulous stockbroker took Peggy Doviak’s mother to the cleaners, Peggy did not just get mad—she changed careers. She became a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER professional, vowing to ensure that what had happened to her mother would never happen to a woman again. Now a bestselling author and syndicated radio host, Peggy invites you to Ask Peggy again—only this time, her focus is on the unique financial matters that you face in life as the queen of your home. In the clear, down-to-earth, conversational style that endeared her to readers in 52 WEEKS TO PROSPERITY, she provides the know-how and advice to help you reach well-being in your life. 52 WEEKS TO WELL-BEING is all about what you need to know to become queen of your finances, whether you are starting a business or caring for aging parents, planning for retirement or surviving widowhood or divorce, saving for a trip around the world or wanting to help with a child or grandchild’s college education—or even your own! Peggy knows women need practical information that doesn’t pander or intimidate—they want their money to do good and for them to feel good about their money. 52 WEEKS TO WELL-BEING delivers that and more.

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