You Can’t Cheat Death

Magnolia Hill Mystery
Coming Soon

With her financial planning business beginning to flourish in Magnolia Hill, Oklahoma, Jillian Bradford is stunned to learn her old high school flame Stan Savage is not only back in town but suddenly cutting into her business with rash promises of investing success. Jillian doesn’t mind a little competition, but she knows Stan doesn’t possess the smarts or the training to handle the precious retirement accounts of her savvy senior friends. No sooner does Jillian tell Stan to drop dead than her nemesis bites the Oklahoma dust in his Porsche. Having unearthed evidence that Stan had been running a Ponzi scheme, Jillian has a hunch that the lying, cheating thief had plenty of enemies in their small college town. But the police dismiss her theory that Stan’s death was more than an accident. Solving Stan’s murder is ever-present on Jillian’s mind as she juggles clients while preparing her horse Agatha for the 4th of July parade. Will Jillian find the murderer before she becomes the next victim?