Avoiding Financial Tricks!

on October 31, 2015

It’s Halloween, and I want to offer you some ideas to help you avoid financial tricks!

Always work with an advisor who is a fiduciary!

  • Your advisor should always put your best interest first!
  • If you aren’t sure, ASK!

Understand the investments In your account!

  • What investments do you own?
  • Why do you own them?
  • How do they relate to your risk tolerance?

Analyze the costs of your investments!

  • Advisor’s fees, Commissions
  • Fund fees
  • Is the performance worth the expense?

Participate In your company’s retirement plan!

  • Consistent saving for retirement is usually a good strategy
  • Employer matching helps your account grow
  • Retirement is expensive

Save an emergency fund!

  • It’s okay to start with a small amount
  • Avoid putting expenses on a credit card
  • Don’t invest your emergency fund—put it in the bank

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