Prosperity Points for Your Wedding

on July 7, 2019

Your wedding day is one of the milestones of your life. Many people dream about the perfect wedding for years, but let’s face it—weddings are expensive. Here are some tips to help you have the wedding you always wanted without breaking your budget.

  • Start planning early. Find the dress, book the venue, and choose your caterer well ahead of the big day. You are less likely to spend more money than you wanted because you became rushed to make a decision.
  • Begin saving money the day after your engagement is official, and maybe even earlier than that. Think of it as any other major purchase, and create a regular saving schedule.
  • Even though June is popular, consider scheduling your wedding for another time of the year when the demand is not as high, and you might be able to make a better deal.
  • Enlist friends to help address invitations or make decorations. Anything you can do yourself will save money.
  • A memorable honeymoon does not have to be in an expensive location. Additionally, romantic picnics will be wonderful and cost less than meals in five-star restaurants.

Finally, remember that you are marrying your best friend. Everything else is nice, but the love that you share is what really matters and is what makes you prosperous.

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