The Finances of a Family Vacation

on July 13, 2015

Here are some ideas taken from a talk I gave about the finances of planning your family vacation. Remember that you don’t want to still be paying for it at the holidays!

Plan Early

  • Less expensive tickets, rooms, rental cars
  • Make a list so you don’t forget items
  • Trip anticipation valuable part of vacation benefit

Stay Flexible

  • Flying Thursday much cheaper than Friday
  • Check rates at nearby airports and sites
  • Price different destinations

Let Everyone Choose One Thing

  • Lowers the “I wanna’s”
  • Creates enjoyment for all
  • Broadens everyone experience

Watch Meal Costs

  • Picnic for fun and cost savings
  • Restaurant lunches cost less than dinners
  • Pack snacks for the car/airport

Give Kids Spending Money

  • Agree to cover the major expenses
  • Provide enough money for souvenir budget
  • During the trip, they chose (reasonable) purchases
  • When the money is gone, it’s gone

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