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on July 7, 2016

Second Quarter Update!capitol steps for social media

The second quarter was unbelievably busy at D.M. Wealth. I gave ethics seminars to our local Financial Planning Association chapter in Oklahoma City, the Garrett Planning Network online, and the Shareholders Service Group conference in San Diego. I also had a booth and spoke at the McFarlin UMC Senior Options Seminar in June. However, the highlight of the quarter was my trip to Washington, DC, with other members of the national Financial Planning Association. We lobbied on  behalf of you, consumers of financial services, to encourage lawmakers to support DOL’s expanded fiduciary rules. These rules require that all financial advisers act in their clients’ best interests when advising retirement accounts. Although we want the rules expanded to all accounts, this is (at least) a start. Although Republican members of the House and the Senate mostly opposed the fiduciary rule, the rule survived their attempts to overturn it. In fact, the final vote occurred the day I was there! I attended seven meetings that day and loved every minute of it. I visited the Massachusetts and Oklahoma offices, and even though not all of them agreed with our position, I was impressed that they took the time to meet with us and listen.

While in San Diego, I purchased some new financial planning software that I think clients will find useful. MoneyGuidePro supports goals-based planning, and it has some great additional calculators, like a Social Security optimization tool. I think it will broaden and streamline the financial planning we can provide.

Additionally, we hosted a Chamber of Commerce Business Before Hours in June, and we installed a new sign! You should drop by and see it.

Be Prosperous!  Peggy

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