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Why Do We Eat Black-Eyed Peas on New Year’s Day?

on December 29, 2019

Especially if you live in the south, black-eyed peas are always part of the meal on January 1st. We eat them for prosperity in the coming year. The origins of eating black-eyed peas for luck on New Year’s is somewhat unclear. However, we know the practice goes back as far as 500 A.D. when they…

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Managing the Equifax Data Breach

on October 9, 2017

  The Equifax data breach is a serious issue that, unfortunately, is still developing. Equifax is one of the three largest consumer credit reporting agencies, and initial reports suggest 143 million people may have been impacted.

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Tips to Stay Safer

on June 29, 2015

With identity theft so common, I recently spoke briefly at an event for seniors to talk about ways to protect yourself. Here are the thoughts I shared!

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Why Did I Become a Financial Planner?

on November 2, 2014

I never intended to go into finance.  I was an English professor and a corporate trainer.  I hated math and held a degree in creative writing.  I didn’t own a navy suit.  And yet…

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What does D.M. stand for?

on October 30, 2014

As of September, D.M. Wealth Management, Inc. has been open for eleven years!  It’s been an amazing, fun, frustrating, awe-inspiring ride.  The best thing about D.M. Wealth is the clients–I’m so fortunate to have a wonderful group of people I advise.  However, they ask one question repeatedly:  What does D.M. stand for?  Is it my…

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Why do I say “Be Prosperous”?

on October 1, 2014

This is a blog to help you be prosperous.  It’s not a get rich quick site.  It’s not a hot stock tip site.  It may not always even be about financial planning, its primary focus.  Instead, this is a blog to help you recognize prosperity and take steps to improve yours.  What does it mean…

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