Wherever It Leads…..

on April 27, 2017

In 1988, I was a newly graduated secondary English teacher who wanted to be a writer. One Saturday, I was at a craft show, and buried between booths selling ceramic geese wearing clothing, I found a jewelry table. As I chatted with Nancy, who was  selling the jewelry, she told me she was an author…

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What Is Your Risk Tolerance?

on April 17, 2017

Wait a minute…. You know I’m setting you up. Really, it’s not a trick question, but calculating your portfolio risk tolerance level is a much more complicated question than you might think.

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Highlights from my latest newsletter, “Money Matters”

on April 10, 2017

Every quarter, I write a newsletter that updates what’s new at D.M. Wealth Management, Inc., summarizes and analyzes stock market and economic data, offers a financial planning article, and shares pictures. This week, for my blog post, I’m providing a copy of the update letter and the pictures. If you want to subscribe to the…

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Turning 30 and Getting Serious About Finances

on March 27, 2017

(This article is provided by the Financial Planning Association for consumers.) Throughout her 20s, Nancy Corwin dreaded the day she turned the big 3-0.1 Then the day finally came—and went. “And it was no big deal,” said Nancy. “It was really sort of a letdown after all that worrying,” she joked. One thing did change…

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Three Months Into Your Financial New Year’s Resolutions

on March 20, 2017

This is the first week of spring, and those 2017 New Year’s Resolutions are likely small images in your rear view mirror as you are pointed directly toward warm weather. One reason we abandon our resolutions is that we begin to fail at them pretty quickly. Once a month or two has passed since we…

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A Fee By Any Other Name…

on March 13, 2017

is still a fee. A common area of confusion for clients is exactly how financial professionals get paid. Sometimes, it can even look as though the adviser is working for free. However, let me promise you that they aren’t. Today, I’d like to explain some of the more common ways financial advisers are compensated.

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Prosperity Points When the Weather Turns Nasty

on March 6, 2017

As people living on the plains, we are used to bad weather. We keep an eye to the sky, and we flip the radio or television to a local station if the horizon begins to darken. At those times, it’s usually too late to take any proactive financial actions that could help. So now, when…

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Untrained Exterminators!

on February 27, 2017

https://youtu.be/HGxbMHOnno0 Work with an expert! Work with someone who has taken the effort to earn their CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER(tm) certification. www.letsmakeaplan.org

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